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HPCW is a consortium of 6 key-players in High Performance Computing, all around the world, 5 Supercomputing Centers (CINECA, BSC, FZJ, SDSC and BlueFern) plus GENCI, the French national agency in charge of HPC coordination.

Our aim was to perform an analysis and an assessment of the models used worldwide by the HPC centers and initiatives to manage the requests for allocation of resources coming from researchers and their communities.

Based on a worldwide survey of procedures for accessing RIs, we chose the PEER-REVIEW PROCESS as the means by which proposals would be assessed.

The HPCWorld team is glad to present you the

Handbook of HPC e-Science Infrastructure

Allocation Reviewing, Selection and Management

The scope of the Handbook is to provide a common high-level model usable as a sort of “guidelines manual” for European and not European E-Infrastructures in the allocation of resources.

You are welcome to download here the Handbook or to contact the project manager for ordering copies for free!

Click here for further details on the Handbook.